Custom Manufacturing Capabilities
Tell us your custom manufacturing requirements, and we'll show you how we can meet or exceed them. We have the capabilities to meet your exacting specifications - and the expertise to use them to your best advantage.

Billet Saws
Billet Facing Lathes
Billet Gun Drilling
Rotary Furnace
Vertical Expansion Press
Induction Furnaces
Horizontal Extrusion Press
Water Quenching/Air Cooling
Rotary Straightener
Pilger Mill
Draw Bench
Heat Treatment Furnace
Surface Preparation Equipment
OD Grinder/Polisher
UT Testing

Contact us today to learn more. Located just 30 miles south of Memphis, we're a conveniently positioned within the distribution hub of the US. That makes it easy and affordable to ship your orders by land, water or air. Browse the product categories below for more details.

Tubular Stainless Steel/Industrial Piping
  • Seamless stainless steel pipe
  • Nickel alloy pipe/CuNi pipe
  • Duplex pipe
  • 6MO grade pipe
  • Super Austenitic pipes
  • Titanium alloy pipes
  • Metallurgically Bonded SX-Clad pipe

Extruded Shapes/Profiles
  • Fuselage parts
  • Aircraft engine parts
  • Landing gear components
  • Parts for aerospace applications
  • Custom fabricated parts

Industries Served
  • Oil & gas pipelines, pumping stations & refineries, including deep sea drilling platforms
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Aircraft parts & aerospace applications


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